Ovada DOCG is produced entirely from Dolcetto grapes cultivated in 22 hillside communes of the Alto Monferrato Ovadese and immediate surroundings, between Acqui Terme and Gavi, from the Apennines towards the Po valley at an altitude of 200-400 meters above sea level, the maximum allowed by the regulations being 600 meters.

The specific characteristics of the Ovadese terroir and the particular microclimate of the area give life to a wine of remarkable structure, characterized by robustness and strength - more alcohol, more tannins - not infrequently by more acidity, by a concentrated and persistent flavor and, precisely because of the greater structure, by a marked aptitude for aging.
The sea wind that blows from Liguria through the rows of vines enriches the grapes with Mediterranean aromas, flavor and minerality.

Ovada DOCG is characterized by an intense ruby red color, with blackberry tones. The strong presence of anthocyanins ensures a prolonged resistance of the color during aging. It expresses vinous and fruity perceptions, especially when young, with hints of plums and black cherries, sometimes almost with hints of cocoa. Then it progressively evolves towards a remarkable complexity, with hints of spices, almonds and bitter chocolate.