Member Services

Quality research of Ovada DOCG denomination

Producers who are members of the Consorzio di Tutela dell'Ovada DOCG, in addition to safeguarding the production disciplinary in order to protect the quality and image of their wine, are also involved in studies, experiments and evaluations of the wine, including through the annual blind tasting, an important moment of comparison in order to verify the quality of the different vintages.

Valorisation activities

The Consortium creates for its members tools for updating, food for thought and opportunities for debate on specific issues and provides systematic information to journalists to communicate its activities.

Promotion activities

The Consortium collaborates with public and private entities, organizations and associations, institutes and schools, to promote and realize - directly and indirectly - initiatives aimed at the knowledge and appreciation of Ovada DOCG.

Comunication activities

The Consortium in 2019 - in collaboration with the Enoteca Regionale di Ovada and Piemonte Land - has launched a new communication plan - logo, website, multimedia publishing, press office, events - from which Producers and the territory as a whole will benefit